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Artist Statement

"My life, and subsequently my work, is heavily influenced by the instinctive and the coincidental. I am inspired by the intricacy of existence as a whole and how it all is reflected in human experience. I aim to reconnect with the primitive subconscious and form a dialogue concerned with the way that life influences the creative process and how a materials innate properties and nuances can express narrative and emotion. My current concern is what constitutes identity; the masks of social interactionism, revelation and the beauty beneath.


I work in the same mode as organic development, governed by basic rules to retain order but driven by instinct, intuition and improvisation. Process led, my materials are never forced, but are nurtured into their ideal forms. I find metals to be best suited to this, they are a group of materials that have incredible dualities; delicacy and malleability, but, at the same time, strength and endurance.

Merging natural intuition and technical ability, pieces are developed through repetition; physical form through evolution, as if the work itself were a species."

About  Daniel

Daniel is a dynamic artist, having high expectations of himself and of his work, he takes pride in creating unique and original pieces. As a fast and predominantly kinaesthetic learner, Daniel always enjoys a new challenge or adventure, considering himself an experimentalist (will try most things just to see what happens) and always looking for new creative outlets in which to nurture this trait. As long as he is making inspiring objects with his hands, he is pretty content.  Daniel aspires to refine his skills primarily as a metals practitioner, but looks to the future to one day transfer these skills and processes into studio glasswork.

‘My top 3 most inspiring artists are; landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy, artist blacksmith Alfred Habermann and studio glass artist Dale Chihuly.’



Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Daniel grew up in Canterbury, south east England. Although he did well within his formal education, he was always more attuned to his creative abilities. Leaving school halfway through his A-levels, Daniel had come to the realisation that he would flourish in a more creative environment, attending instead, UCA Canterbury to complete a foundation degree in art and design. Having only studied fine art painting and drawing beforehand, Daniel discovered a fond love for sculptural materials and their inherent properties.

After working and travelling for a couple of years Daniel was fired up with ideas and, again, hungry for a creative institution. Presented with the choice of blacksmith or studio glass, on the flip of a coin he chose the Artist Blacksmithing BA(hon) at Hereford College of Arts where he was awarded the Worshipful Company Of Blacksmiths bursary and was also invited for membership with The Society Of Designer Craftsmen, achieving a 2:1 honors.

’ Admittedly I didn’t actually know what a blacksmith did but I knew it was something fun with metal, looking back, I have always been a metal artist at heart.’

Other Projects

Since leaving University Daniel has also become involved with festival based collaborative art installations in the UK and South Africa.


In recent years Daniel has been drawn back to his roots in South Africa which has led him to get involved in large scale creative projects. 'Yggdrasil: tree of life'  @Africa Burn 2017 and becoming a partner in the '1000 Prints No Footprints' project, a Knysna based creative retreat and permaculture project. Now officially called 'The Land', the Knysna project is a lifetime endevour to create an inspiring space to facilitate the rekindling of the artist soul in those who are lost, and reviving those who are worn. The artist led permaculture, reforestation and community outreach project aspires to reconnect creativity and creative people of any level or discipline.

All images and text: ©Daniel Calderwood 2018