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 Materiality  is particularly important to me, I always attempt to showcase a material’s unique properties, then ask myself ‘...but what if…?’ and attempt to combine and process materials in unique and challenging ways. I love metals in particular, having studied BA(Hons.) Artist Blacksmithing at Hereford collage of Arts, I began to quickly realise, as a group, metals are almost limitless in application. Instinctively drawn to materials that can be transformed through extreme heat, I would like to one day try transferring my knowledge and skill in metals to studio glasswork, and even combine the two. As a primarily kinaesthetic learner I love to experiment and am continually looking for new creative outlets in which to nurture this trait.



For me, sculpture is a language through which I explore the world around me and attempt to understand myself and others. I rarely know what my work is about when I am making it, or even what the outcome might be on completion, adding and refining until I am satisfied. It is usually a year or so later that I begin to see why I was making that particular piece or style, each time learning something new about myself. My work has often been described as cathartic and healing as people experience something of their own journey outside of themselves. I feel truly blessed every time I hear it, as I know my work has made a small difference to somebody else’s life, bringing meaning and purpose to my own challenging journey as an artist.





Born in Cape Town, South Africa, I spent the later years of my childhood in the south east of England. As a child I was always making or building something and art was always the subject I excelled at, but it was only during my A-level education when I had a profound moment with an intensely boring lamp post on my walk into school, did I consider that it could be a career, for some reason I stopped and looked for a while. Upon the realisation that somebody was paid to design even that particularly bland object,  I left school that second and immediately signed up to a local art college, it was there that I fell in love with sculpture having only studied painting and drawing previously.



In my career so far, I have been fortunate enough to be awarded several grants to develop my creative ideas, been shortlisted for the prestigious Jerwood Makers Award and been invited by the BBC to feature on one of their television programmes. I have also had the privilege to collaborate with other artists and designers on various large and small scale projects in the UK and South Africa including a monumental festival instillation, a creative retreat and luxury product design, learning something new each time.